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Macromedia Flash Resources and Tutorials Sites
  • Macromedia Flash MX Application Development Center  - Official resource features articles about all aspects of Flash MX. Updated frequently with programmatic and technical details.


  • About Flash - Directory of flash tutorials, sounds, open FLAs, SWFs, clip art, free movie clips, and showcases of cool flash sites.
  • ActionScript.com - A community-oriented website designed to present daily news and information relevant to Flash developers. They scour the grapevine from top to bottom looking for new ActionScript tidbits, as well as product news, coding techniques and good old gossip
  • Actionscript.Multiputer.Com - Offers flash FAQs, and a couple open source files.
  • ActionScript.org - Macromedia Flash Resources and Tutorials as well as a large online community for Macromedia Flash developers at all skill levels. Offers tutorials, open source, scripting assistance, book reviews, scene news and a means of contact between developers.
  • Actionscripts.co.uk - Actionsript downloads, reviews, news and blogs.
  • Actionscripts.org - An online community for Macromedia Flash developers at all skill levels. Offering resources, tutorials, and a means of contact between developers.
  • Actionscript-Toolbox.com - Resource site for Flash 5 and Flash MX Actionscript.
  • alertDesign - web design center, focusing on interactive design with Flash and other interactive technologies. News, Links, Tutorials, swf Open Source,Games.
  • Best Flash Animation Site (dot com) - Showcase of the best flash animation sites. Visitors can submit their works, and vote on others.
  • Best Flash Intro Templates - Download flash templates in FLA format.
  • Bigshot Media - Offering flash stock photography. Delivering high-quality, video-like movies in small file sizes for use in web and new media design.
  • Deconcept - Showing concepts in interaction design, and experiments. Includes FLA files for download.
  • EchoVibes.com - Offers royalty-free sound clips for Flash and Shockwave - loops, motion, effects, and other miscellaneous sounds. Also features links to editors, a top 50 list, tips and tricks.
  • EZwebdesign.com - Flash Help - Flash tutorials and other Flash resources.
  • Flash 2 Day - Offers free download of flash template based flash website design program.
  • Flash deConstruction - The companion site for the book Flash deConstruction, the Process, Design, and ActionScript of Juxt Interactive by Todd Purgason, Phil Scott, Brian Drake and Bonnie Blake.
  • Flash Gallery (UK) - Has an annotated directory of quality, interesting flash sites from tutorials to games.
  • Flash Goddess - A resource and community site showcasing and promoting women who work with Macromedia Flash. Requires Flash.
  • Flash Java - A web portal for Flash, Java, 3DMax, and Photoshp. Includes tutorials, sources, games and flash movies
  • Flash on Linux - A single useful page giving step by step commands you need to run to get Macromedia's Flash Player working with Linux.
  • Flash Presentation Templates - Professionally designed presentations you can email, use as website or burn to CD business card. Edit online.
  • Flash Scene - Flash community with downloads, links, news and competitions.
  • Flash Site Builder - Webbased flash site creation tool.
  • Flash XML FAQ - A FAQ about using XML with Flash. The FAQ was created as a result of the common questions being asked on the FlashKit XML Board.
  • FlashAdvisor - Offers Flash movies, forum, tutorials, FAQ, links.
  • FlashAnimation.com - FAQs, gallery and explanation on different aspects of Flash.
  • FlashCFM.com - Good information about Flash and cold fusion application development.
  • FlashComponents - Provides components, animations, graphics & for a monthly fee.
  • Flashdeveloper (NL) - Links to XML and F5 actionscript resources like plugins, extensions, editors, tutorials and software manuals.
  • FlashDevils Community - Resource for users of all levels with tutorials, interviews, downloadable Flash files, and a friendly forum.
  • Flashenabled - Mobile - Updated newsletter about mobile Flash media, including information about how to integrate Flash into mobile solutions.
  • flashFLIX - Flash tutorials on leading edge design.
  • Flashguru (UK) - Frequently updated Flash news and tutorials
  • Flashiness.com - Free Flash Animations for Your Website - No Flash knowledge or authoring software required.
  • Flashkit.com - Comprised of thousands of open source FLA samples to pick thru, including; games, tutorials, newsletters, images, clip art, sound FX & loops, reviews, and bloated forums.
  • Flashmagazine - The place to get reviews and info on Flash and other Vector based products. This free subscriber e-zine features; interviews with leading Flash developers, news reports, and upcoming events in the Flash scene. History of Flash is a 'must read'.
  • FlashMeter - Innovative user tracking for Macromedia Flash version 4.0 and above!
  • FlashMove.com - Flash developer community featuring competitions, tutorials, tips, forums, discussion lists, and links.
  • Flash-MX.com - A community based site for Flash MX focusing on tutorials, reviews, and news.
  • FlashOpenSource.com - Free open source flash movies and sound loops.
  • FlashPro - Macromedia Flash news, tutorials, movies, flas, downloads, books, resources + forum!
  • Flashsound.com - Get music for Flash. Download our free loops now and watch your creative project come to life.
  • FlashTracks (DE) - Royalty Free Audio for your flash & swish projects, including; MP3, WAV, loopz, soundz, music klipz. Get yourself heard with FlashTracks.
  • Flashzing - Make custom Flash multimedia in minutes on the web. Subsidiary of Vertical Blue, the leaders in data driven flash technology.
  • Flazoom.com - Portal and web-based ezine covering the web's coolest Flash content. Looks at Flash, Live Motion and SVG content on the web.
  • Goldhart Industries - A design and programming resource for Macromedia Flash developers, designers and programmers. Featuring samples of work from Richard Smallwood and source code for integrating your flash sites with php and MySQL.
  • HowStuffWorks - shockwave - This encyclopedic sytle site has beautifully rendered articles of such a diverse nature as to also include this intro on using 3D Shockwave Web graphics.
  • improntadellorso.it - Graphic ideas & several movies ready to download.
  • i-Technica whitestuff - Contains searchable archives of Flash postings, Flash tutorials and samples, and Flash actionscript references
  • Kirupa.com - An online Flash resource that provides useful tutorials, links, downloads, and support for all levels of Flashers.
  • Levitated - Offers open source file with advanced actionscript
  • LiveMotionCentral - A Resource Site For Adobe LiveMotion, Turorials, LIVs, Texture, Sounds, Styles, News, Information, Interviews and much more
  • LiveTronix Software - Offers tools for convert other media types to Flash and vice-versa, with information about the products, company profile and resources.
  • Macromedia Flash Support Center - Collection of tutorials, tips and forums, from the developers of Flash, Macromedia.
  • Magic Flare - creates Flash text effects in seconds. Add a link, modify the colors, text, size and make an impressive banner or an intro.
  • Methinks.com - Components for Flash designers that make special effects easy: just drag-and-drop, ActionScript coding no longer required.
  • Microon.net - Experimental Flash, applications, and ASP-JS components.
  • The Mile-High Table O'Products - A list of products or utilities that work with Director.
  • Moock.org - The author's and lecturer's own site for undocumented features of Flash, browser detection scripts, and other useful tidbits.
  • Multiputer Design Web Site - Flash Design community is where to learn and play, provides forums, free sound fx, and downloads of fla files.
  • Music4Flash.com - Offers professional music, sounds, and loops (some free) for use in your Macromedia Flash projects.
  • MyopicSociety - A collection of flash projects exploring interactive art and animation through actionscript programming.
  • Netdiver Flash Centre - Contains Flash snapshot galleries, tutorials and resources, as well as a freelance community.
  • Newgrounds.com - "The Problems of the Future, Today!" ~ A human rated submission Portal ~ testing ground for ethically borderline Flash games and movies.
  • Nuthing but Flash - A website reviewing well developed macromedia flash websites with links to flash resources and tutorials.
  • oddhammer - Tutorials, info on Macromedia Flash
  • Oscar Trelles - News and personal opinions about the latest on Flash.
  • PHPObject - Flash MX/PHP Remoting - An opensource alternative to Flash Remoting for PHP developers.
  • Pope de Flash - your Flash 3D community. - Welcome to Flash Resources & Tutorials. The Pope has good step by step tutorials, helpful messageboards, FLA & PDF downloads!
  • RedFrameKit - All in 1 software for creating your own Flash website.
  • RJ Flash - Welcome to my site that houses most of the work I created with macromedia Flash 5. You can view & also download my Flash work.
  • Royalty Free Music- BBM.net - Database of royalty free music loops for interactive projects specializing in creating custom original music for multimedia and web design
  • serialflasher.com - Useful eZine style content with news, reviews, interviews and links relating to Flash and Shockwave development.
  • ShockSites.com - Become a Shockwave FLASH or Director resource of your own, or find, add and edit sites via your personal username and password. This search engine rivals the Open Directory itself in ease of use for unlimited editors!
  • Shockwave Security Alert - Lists potential privacy issues or security holes created by Shockwave and solutions for them.
  • shockwave-sound.com - professional quality; music, loopz, soundz, and FX for web and media use (some for free).
  • SimpleImpact.com - SWiSH swi's to download and edit.
  • Small Business Multimedia Articles and Resources - Overview of multimedia for small business as well as miscellaneous concerns for small businesses related to affordable flash design, web design, audio and video production.
  • Swish It.com - Free swish templates, web page templates, Swish tips, tutorials, menus, banners, logos and other resources.
  • Swish-DB - Swish resource site with forum.
  • Thermal Effects - Your Source(s) for all those special Animated FX. Making a Flash Feature Movie, need a visual site enhancment..? hundreds of stunning effects for you to incorporate.
  • Ultrashock.com - Team-design knowledge base for web developers. Hosts chat, moderated discussion forums, tutorials, FLA's, and news.
  • Valyard|ru - Daily updated site with Macromedia Flash news, links to cool sites, games and cartoons, and flash mx experiments.
  • Webwasp.co.uk - Tutorials for Macromedia Flash movies and Actionscript.



Webmaster Terms Glossary, Search Engine Glossary, Computer and Internet Glossary Terms, Computing, SEO, Web Hosting Terms, Computer Tools, Softwares, Resources, English Terms